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Laser Dentistry in Hot Springs, AR - Dr. Ross Atkinson - Periodontics

The Laser treatment completed in our office is called LANAP. LANAP is an an achronym for Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure. It is a Therapy Protocol approved for the treatment of periodontal disease by the US Food and Drug Administration in 2004.

LANAP Procedure Protocol is as follows:

At the time of treatment, an IV sedation is utilized to relax the patient so he/she can rest comfortably throughout treatment. A local anesthetic is administered while the patient sleeps to numb the areas receiving treatment. (For the best results any area exhibiting periodontal concerns in a patient's mouth should receive treatment on the same day.) Then the periodontal pocket depths are recorded. Afterwards, the laser's thin optic fiber is inserted between the tooth and the gum where the periodontal pockets are located with 3 different passes around each tooth. In between the second and third pass, a comprehensive cleaning with a medicated solution is completed around all the teeth. The final pass of the laser finishes the treatment and aids in the development of a thermal fibrin clot that acts to protect the area below the gumline for several days to aid in healing.

A patient's bite is then adjusted to assure all teeth are touching at the same time to minimize trauma to any one tooth, a contributing factor to periodontal disease.

The patient is seen in our office for post-operative care at one week, 30 days, and then every 3 months for periodontal maintenance appointments for 9-12 months. At the end of this period of time, the space between the tooth and the gum are again measured to evaluate results from Laser Therapy.

Once the year-long Procedure Protocol is complete, patients begin to alternate between our office and their general dentists office every 3 months for cleaning.

Throughout this entire process as well as for the remainder of a periodontal patient's life, homecare is of paramount importance. Daily brushing and flossing and use of the perio-aid, if recommended, is a patient's first line of defense against future periodontal problems.

Consider this: Patients clean their mouths EVERY DAY, and a hygienist in the dental office cleans a patient's teeth only every 3-6 months. If plaque builds up on teeth daily and must be removed daily for good dental health, who do you think carries the majority of the responsibility for preventing the advancement of gum disease? THE PATIENT of course!

It's important for patients to realize that there is no cure for gum disease. Fighting it with excellence in homecare and adequate dental recall appointments will help mouths stay as periodontally healthy as possible following any treatment in the periodontist's office.

If Dr. Atkinson thinks LANAP is appropriate for you, he will share that with you once he completes a thorough examination.

Watch the Video Below for an Excellent Visual and Verbal Description of LANAP Treatment

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