All on Four Implant Procedure

All on Four Implant Procedure - Hot Springs, AR - Dr. Ross Atkinson

One of the most exciting new procedures offered in our office today is referred to as All on Four. It is the perfect alternative for patients with hopeless teeth that need to be removed, patients who find wearing dentures difficult or impossible, or patients who no longer have an adequate number of teeth for eating or for supporting a removable appliance. There are so many exciting advantages to this procedure, it's hard to know where to begin!!

All treatment will be completed in One Day! Patients come to their appointment with either an ill-fitting denture or with teeth to be removed and leave the office with a full arch of teeth attached to 4 dental implants - all in one day's time.

The All on Four procedure is a sound alternative to the more costly and prolonged procedures of bone grafting and dental implant placement of the past.

The All on Four procedure provides teeth that are fixed in place - not removable.

Bone loss from periodontal disease or from years of missing teeth does not exclude a patient as a candidate for treatment.

In fact, All on Four works for virtually all patients!

Procedure Sequence

Step 1 - Patients with existing teeth, visit their general dentist's office and he/she makes an arch of teeth for use the day of implant placement. If the patient is currently wearing a denture, this is the arch of teeth used the day of implant placement.

Step 2 - Treatment in our office is the next step. The day of treatment, an IV sedation relaxes the patient. The area of treatment is numbed. Any unnecessary teeth are removed. Then implants are placed, and the "arch of teeth" is attached to the implants!

Step 3 - The patient immediately sees his/her new smile in a mirror!

Step 4 - Once bone secures the dental implants, the patient's general dentist replaces the temporary arch of teeth with a sleeker, stronger, even more attractive arch of teeth!

Watch the Video Graphic Below for a Visual Representation of the Process For the Lower Jaw.

The Same Procedure is Available for the Upper Jaw as well.